Tabatha Wharton


{musings of an aging millennial trope}


  photo courtesy of Keely Weis

photo courtesy of Keely Weis

i changed the setting
on my phone
for you
even though your number is blocked
and mine has changed since last you called

i changed the setting
to a basic, pedestrian
pattern of vibration

because i tried something new
i didn’t even click through to the
rhythm that reminded me
of you
and it was just so good to
broaden my horizons
past the predictable familiar that kept
me tied up and in and to

and if i don’t need reminded
in the bedroom with my
trusty little tiffany

and if i forgot
to whisper
your name
when i came 

then what’s the use
of continuing to tie you
to that which doesn’t
move me
like you used to
pretend to