Tabatha Wharton


{musings of an aging millennial trope}

{after A*}

  photo courtesy of Randy Johnson/August Views Photography

photo courtesy of Randy Johnson/August Views Photography

you know i saw you
that day when
i had to hard restart
my life over yet again

and i saw you stop
dead and immediately
turn on your heel
upon the sight of me

it must have been a
shock to see me
at my outward best after only
knowing me at my hearsay lowest

because we knew each other
once upon a very different time

but i didn’t confront you
or even bother to stare you
down because i stood in that
shadow not all that long ago

i did briefly wonder if you’ve
checked up on me like i
know she (and she) still do or if
the vision of this version of me was
completely new

you know i never quite forgave
you like i did the ones who followed
you even after the dust had all
settled into those cavernous
wounds left in your wake

and even after i became the thing
that had me hate you
in the first place
standing righteously unclean amid
the shambles and the lies that lined the
cracks in the foundations
our separate existences once made

it still took me by surprise
to see you still so alarmed
at the sight of me

and i still laughed with
a little too much
black-souled victory

despite neither of us
“winning” after letting
them inside
it was clear

i’m the singular one who
made it
out of that
devilish dance