Tabatha Wharton


{musings of an aging millennial trope}


  photo courtesy of Randy Johnson/August Views Photography

photo courtesy of Randy Johnson/August Views Photography

i am letting people take my picture
i am letting people take pictures
of my face
of my body
i am letting people take pictures of me and put them on the internet to live in perpetuity
in frighteningly intimate proximity
i am letting myself be seen
with a telephotographic clarity
somewhere on the line
between reality and fantasy saying
yes, yes i can do that
yes, i can make that
yes, i can

and i am telling people that
these captures should be the ones
my children display at my funeral
even the ones that will
stir up a whisper and make
my mother blush amid the unquiet murmurs
especially the ones that fit the monikers
i’ve been given in attempt to shame
me and keep me invisible
but i
i am five foot nine of refusing to stay in my place in the background
of the past and its hidden memories
i am a thirty-six inch inseam unafraid of surebarefooted scaling a tree or
wading waist deep, breast bare into the stream
for the angle, for the light
for the shot, this vision immortalized
as this fucking force of untamed nature
this is the way i want to be remembered
more than just remaining in the frame
i am the mother goddess incarnate, amen
and as long as this stature is something still left desiring to be captured
i will stare down the eye of each
looking glass cyclopsed lens
and smile
persephone in her prime
this beauty is a gift and i
i will use mine
to unequivocally illuminate
how ferociously bright
this woman, this temple
my children’s earthly vessel
once upon this life
did shine