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the rainy day collective podcast: confessions of an infidelity whisperer {audio}

A few weeks ago I had the delightful opportunity to speak on my friend Misty's podcast series, The Rainy Day Collective, about the stories behind manic pixie suicide mistress and my life in the wake of being so very open about this chapter in my life. 

The topics we discussed, along with her co-host Maggie, broached so many big and hard subjects and feelings that the interview ended up split into two different episodes ... which if you know me in person, the fact that I talked so much should not come as a surprise at all.

I am so grateful to Misty and Maggie for the opportunity to address some of the less-glamorous parts of life and for the community they are building of strong, transparent, supportive women through The Rainy Day Collective. I'm honored that my story was worthy of sharing with their listeners and community, and as always, am incredibly appreciative of the chance to catch up with old friends and hopefully be of benefit in the process.