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dogwhistle {video}

Here's another clip from the series of readings and interviews I did with FORM Dayton as one of their featured artists for the magazine's debut issue.

I'm so thrilled with how these videos turned out -- I'm waiting with bated breath for the full interview to be released. It was such a deep and wonderful conversation that made me emotional a few times, and I can't wait to share the insight into the process of my writing, the gaps in the story in manic pixie suicide mistress, and to show you some exciting new creations made along the way to share with you.

In other news, I'm likely* going to be attending this Sunday's Dayton Poetry Slam for the first time ever, so if you're local, come hang out! I can't promise I'll feel brave enough to read, but it should be a fun time with some great local poets and the venue is one of my favorites in town. If you do make it out, I'll have copies of both manic pixie suicide mistress and the posters with me (or in my car, as the case may be) and there is a very high likelihood you could snag them at a deep discount from me in person, for what that's worth.

Stay tuned for more exciting news, some new parts of the website I'm building, and general navalgazing as we approach the one-year mark of the beginning of the creation of my little book.


*barring any weirdness with work or my personal life or my crippling social anxiety. Tell me you're coming so I can't back out.