Tabatha Wharton


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Masquerage 2017: Theme Release Party

I've been playing model for a while now. 

I let myself feel it, this time, though. Really take ownership of the title. I even did my own makeup for this one. 

The theme of Masquerage (a masquerade event that benefits our area LQBTQIA+ health provider, for whom I professionally modeled for an ad campaign last year) is LOST WORLDS.

I was a Mermaid Parade participant, and a velociraptor. VelociTabatha, if you will.

This is my third time walking the runway with this group of people and each time, I relax into it more and more. I am flattered for a multitude of reasons that they continue to allow me to play dress up with them -- and that I get fun pictures to show for it, afterwards.

This celebrating myself and my sense of style and how clothes are just things you wear for fun, not that define you.

It's a good reminder for myself, that creativity and imagination are still just as valid, no matter how you use them.

Mermaid Parade outfit: Jacobee Rose Buchanan

Dinosaur costume: Clash Dayton