Birth of a brainchild

It is a lifelong dream of mine to be a published author. Storytelling is the lifeblood upon which I thrive, and I want to share all of the stories in me with all of you, tangibly. But we all have to start somewhere.

As a single mom, my time is mainly dictated by two factors -- my kids, and finances. In order to keep our ship on smooth tides (and keep my sanity) I have to forego activities like "writing for myself" in favor of laundry, practices, meetings, and sleep. 

I really need sleep, guys. 

In the wake of my recent job loss and return to grad school, I toe a paper thin line of survival each and every day. 

But this book, it is begging to get out of me. 

The tentative plan is this -- I will write the book (I'm already up to 35k words!); I will self-publish the book. I will find ways to get the book into your hands.

But I need help to get there.

You know what they say about raising kids, right? The village? 

Help me birth a whole other kind of child. The other one I've been waiting my whole life to see become real, and not just a figment of my imagination.

photo courtesy of Tom Gilliam Photography

photo courtesy of Tom Gilliam Photography