Tabatha Wharton



booking deposit

booking deposit


a non-refundable deposit on booking a photography session with tabatha


This deposit begins the process of securing modeling services with Tabatha. It’s a guarantee on both ends to keep a shoot professional and fun, while affording both parties an opportunity to discuss and create some excellent art. Shoots begin at $100 for two hours for casual portraiture, but the options are limitless — final costs will depend on things like costumes, travel, and theme, however the most important thing is that a shoot is a collaborative effort!

The deposit can also be used to “sponsor” a shoot — if you have an idea and aren’t a photographer or just want to help enable me to do more creative work, this works for that too! Either way, please allow at least one week’s notice for scheduling purposes.

After the deposit and required information are submitted, you’ll set a time with Tabatha to discuss your project in depth, and if mutually accepted, schedule a shoot and finalize fees and payment. Any photographer cancellations will forfeit the deposit. Deposits are non-refundable, non-transferable and may be canceled at the discretion of the model at any given point in time, but not without at least 24 hours prior notice.