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manic pixie suicide mistress, the book

manic pixie suicide mistress

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love letter.


{he will never see it that way}

With one social media post, newly-30-year-old Tabatha's life makes an unexpected and irrevocable sharp turn. A housewife and blogger with two young children, she sits on the brink of leaving her repetitively unfaithful husband for an uncertain future when a single response to an online photo brings a new, unanticipated love into her life -- and a new role, as the one thing she never imagined she could be. Over the span of four years, Tabatha traverses the uncharted depths of a clandestine relationship and finding the love of her life at completely the wrong time the only way she knows how -- through gut-wrenching poetry and prose.

This is where the fairy tale ends, and the true story begins.

manic pixie suicide mistress is a creative memoir written primarily in poetry and prose/essays being hailed as "a larger than life ode to a broken love story."

covering a long-term, on again, never entirely off again mostly secret relationship, manic pixie suicide mistress approaches love, lust, heartbreak and healing in the digital age through the perspective of a woman coming to grips with her own identity through the lens of a digitized world.

through lyrical free verse poetry and vivid, gut-wrenching storytelling, tabatha weaves together the timeline of an unexpected and unconventional romance too magical and too tragic to be anything less than true. from the depths of the ocean to the ends of the midnight galaxy, manic pixie suicide mistress traverses the tumultuous terrain of love, trust, hope, and healing with a raw vulnerability too often unseen in the picture-perfect social media age.


photo courtesy of david suter   cover design tw & crystal flippin

photo courtesy of david suter
cover design tw & crystal flippin