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august 2018 newsletter


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august 2018

Hello friends,

It's been quite a ride, hasn't it? My book, manic pixie suicide mistress has been in the world for six months (and in the works for over a year) and I could not be more grateful for each and every one of you who have purchased a copy, shared your favorite passages, written reviews, and spread the word about this not-so-little passion project of mine.

As you may have noticed, there have already been quite a bunch of changes in and around my digital spaces, first and foremost being my handle change on Instagram. I'm now @tabathaology -- a nomenclature that hopes to contain more than my writing, but my various creative ventures as they've expanded and grown, as well as my acedemic pursuits. 

With that, I have several updates and announcements, beginning with the video below.
I had already begun to disable things like my online shop and the title on Amazon, but then I got an email about CreateSpace, the platform I used to publish manic pixie suicide mistress, merging with Kindle Direct Publishing, the platform I used to create the ebook version, requiring me to keep the title open so it can properly merge and have it remain accessible to me as the author.

So physical copies of the book will be available through my shop and Amazon while CreateSpace and Kindle Direct Publishing merge, and I'll have a few copies on hand at events for anyone who may want to snag a signed one from me then. But come the end of September, manic pixie suicide mistress will no longer be publicly available. A word of note -- any orders for the book through my site will be a sort-of preorder situation until the point comes that I get enough orders (about ten or so) to merit a shipment, so if you're looking for a signed copy, keep that in mind.

And unless there's suddenly a big uproar and surge of interest, I'll be closing down my Patreon by the end of September as well. The support that platform has offered made manic pixie suicide mistress possible a million times over, and for that I will be eternally grateful. That being said, I'll likely start slowly releasing some of the updates and perks to the general public once the page is closed. I made quite a few things I'm very proud of in the span of the last year, and I'd rather they be shared than left in some archives somewhere -- though I will very likely build an archive of my Patreon-centric content on my site soon enough.

upcoming projects

In the most apt twist of fate, my course load this semester contains requirements for me to both author and present a children's book AS WELL AS script, produce, and broadcast a podcast, which I find both hilarious and exactly the perfect marriage between my academic life and my creative life to keep me challenged and engaged in both of those worlds. I have every intention of sharing those projects with you as they progress, so keep your eyes open for those offerings on the academics page of my site.


For those of you who are local, I have a couple of events coming up (one this Friday!) that I'd love if you could join me at. Click the images below for more information about what's coming up in my world.
Join area photographers and models at the Patterson Road Bridge Instameet, organized and hosted by Heidi Gentis, presenting Tabatha for her third appearance as the featured model.
Join Tabatha along with other poets and performers with the Dayton Poetry Slam as they present pieces at LadyFest Dayton 2018 at the Yellow Cab Tavern.


As a complete aside, I've been compiling the last few years' worth of photography I've had the great fortune of being featured in from local photographers and events into one dedicated page on my site. I believe that I'm presently up to date on the past sets (save for a couple of campaigns I was legitimately paid to do, therefore signed away my rights to the images), but there are new opportunities just around the corner that I'll be adding as I go. As of today, there are two new sets up -- the preview of the feature I did with FORM Magazine, and a Hanukkah-themed pin-up set from 2016 -- that I haven't touted on social media just yet, so go take a peek if you'd like to see what a chameleon I can be, ha.

Modeling, especially the heavily themed sets, has become a great creative release for this former theatre kid ... and honestly healing, a bit, to see the different perspectives these lenses capture me in. It allows me a space to play and explore different facets of my personality and my surroundings and is creating a magical visual legacy that I hope my kids can appreciate someday as they grow and become their own adults. Your support and encouragement of this strange hobby has meant the world to me as I've learned how to see myself in this phase in my life. 


I've now split up the writing portions of my site into two camps -- words and journal. The words part holds more of my poetry and book-related postings, as well as images from the photo shoots I've been doing, whereas the journal part is more an old-school blogging platform where I vent and word vomit like it's 2007.

As it stands right now, both are password protected as I figure out how to move forward in my creative endeavors and balance that with my academic pursuits and ventures. I don't know when or if those parts will become public again, and I appreciate the respect for my process as I navigate all that comes next.
This isn't at all how I thought the last year would go, but for all the hardship and complications and struggles, I am eternally grateful for the opportunities and support I have been shown -- from supporting the book to physically showing up to help me move or making sure my kids had school supplies and birthdays to embracing the new and unanticipated ways I find to express myself and tell my stories -- I absolutely would not be anywhere close to where I am now if not for the love of you all, both online and off. 

Thank you so very much for going on this journey with me. This community endlessly shows me grace and love just beyond my comprehension and I could not be living any of the dreams I am without you.

Thank you so much, and here's to always starting over.

All my love,

P.S. - Don't forget to click the links below to follow more real-time updates on this crazy life I lead.

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