Tabatha Wharton

a conversation with tyra patterson


On Feb 6, 2018, I was one of two student moderators selected to represent the Wright State ABS program and greater communities in the public forum "A Conversation With Tyra Patterson," hosted by the WSU ABS Program, the Bolinga Multicultural Center, and the Womens, Sex, and Gender departments.

Per the event description:

"For twenty-three years Tyra Patterson was imprisoned for crimes that new evidence indicated she did not commit. She was paroled in October 2017 and released last year on Christmas Day. Patterson insisted she was innocent of the killing, and over the years lawyers, politicians, and celebrities took up her cause in an "I am Tyra Patterson" campaign. The parole board cited support for her among the community in granting her release. 

Patterson was joined by her attorney, David Singleton, Executive Director of the Ohio Justice and Policy Center, who spearheaded the team to help get Tyra her freedom. The Ohio Justice and Policy Center is a non-profit law and advocacy office in Cincinnati, Ohio."

Here is a collection of photos and videos from the event, taken by fellow ABS students and WSU staff. Visit the WSU ABS Program Facebook Page for more on the event.