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This will surely bite me in the ass for saying it aloud, but here goes nothing.

I’m slowly becoming a morning person.

Not like, get up before dawn and run three miles morning person, but like, get up before the rest of the house and have five seconds of quiet to drink my coffee morning person.

And okay, I have increasingly gotten up before dawn for photo shoots, but that’s another thing entirely.

I rarely sleep in anymore, even on my days off. My internal clock is ready to go anywhere between 5-7am, and the pets are usually right there with me. I always have things I can be doing — housework, classwork, research, side hustling, and yes, working out — but most mornings I go out to my back patio and just sit with the stillness.

It’s nice. And I’m allowed to enjoy nice things, even if 25 year old me would be aghast at how early we’re up.

Anyway, I found this romper on clearance at Target and full knowing it would absolutely not be long enough to be actual pants on me, I decided I didn’t care because it’s pjs and it was comfy and more and more I’m getting behind legitimate loungewear for my down time. Doesn’t hurt that lately I’ve never been sure who all’s going to randomly show up at my door, so it’s better to be more “dressed” than an old pair of yoga shorts and a pilfered t-shirt, even if it’s ever so slightly. I’m basically just this side of a turban and a muumuu and the older I get, the less fucks I wholly give.

Grey french terry romper: Target
Lavender lace long-line bralette: Old Navy
Magic Kingdom coffee cup: Starbucks @ Walt Disney World