Tabatha Wharton



a year+ in the life of my evolving, offbeat aesthetic as i navigate being
a mid-30s-femme-grown-up-emo-punk-single-mom-graduate-student-non-profit-employee-fashionista.


I had my first training for the GTA position. I’m now semi-responsible for five separate classes and they’re all intro level so we’re talking freshman even though my university is a highly non-traditional campus so that’ll be a mix of babies fresh out of high school and potentially people older than myself.

And there’s a looming faculty strike casting a super fun shadow over everything.

But I do have an office on campus, so that’s pretty cool.

Anyway, this Casual Hipster Monday was a little less causal due to trying to be minimally professional for training and will likely be the last official one for quite some time.

I now, officially, have two jobs, an internship, my actual grad classes, and parenting and general life coming at me for the spring.

Light some candles for your girl over here so that I can get some sleep.

In June.

Black silk floral print lace-trim camisole & rose gold wide V necklace: H&M
Black knit duster-length cardigan: Old Navy
Black high-waist skinny jeans (I blew the knee out of): Gap
Black leather heeled booties: Frye
Gold multi-strand rose quartz pendant necklace: Express
Gold teardrop chandelier earrings: Target