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Now that I’ve submitted the paperwork and have trainings set up, I guess it’s time for a little announcement.

You’re looking at the face of the Sociology and Anthropology department’s newest Graduate Teaching Assistant for Spring Semester, y’all.

So not only will I have an internship with the Womens, Sex, & Gender Studies department assistant teaching a class, I’ll now be assistant teaching some Cultural Anthropology classes (… which she ain’t never studied, RENT reference for the theatre lovers in the house) for the cost of tuition and a stipend. Plus my regular job around the schedules I already have in play like the classes I’m actually taking and that pesky thesis plus parenting and extracurriculars and well, I’m going to be one busy momma.

I was also in a play but I just sent my resignation in to that because while plays are fun and I keep thinking they’re a good idea (as do the directors) life keeps superseding the spotlight, as it were.

Honestly, this is a little scary. I’m going to be doing the thing that I think is the thing I want to do as my full career. At least I think it’s what I want to do — this semester will surely prove to me one way or the other if this is meant to be my place in the world.

I am also going to have to dress like a grown up a solid 5-6 days a week as opposed to the like, 3-4 I’m averaging now. Which means I’m going to maybe need to put my laundry actually away so I know what I’m working with, before I invest in an entire new wardrobe yet again.

This was my mindset as I picked up this skirt this weekend from the clearance rack at Target. It’s fun enough for me to not feel like I’m dead inside when I wear it (in a bad way; not the good way) but appropriate for both workplaces. Apparently grown up me is becoming a midi skirt kind of human.

Please, universe, let this be good. We all could use something going extra good this year.

Black cotton sleeveless shell t-shirt & black cotton knit boyfriend cardigan: Old Navy
Leopard print tulle midi skirt: Target
Copper variegated V necklaces (set of 3): H&M
Rose gold hoop earrings with fringe: DSW
Black tights: Spanx
Black leather Chelsea wedge booties: Sam Edelman