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My therapist said I needed a hobby to survive graduate school.

As a creative human since as long as anyone can remember, I have tried nearly every hobby there is under the sun. I have even branched out into the physical exertion hobbies at regular intervals despite having no natural grace nor athletic ability and a lengthy list of past injuries and present medical conditions that make … well, sometimes as little as breathing or sitting upright, hard.

What I know about non-cerebral based hobbies is that they get expensive, quickly. There are supplies. There are classes. And there is the time. Plus, in our culture, if you show even the slightest bit of talent in a trade or handmade product, you are immediately pressured into turning into some sort of side hustle, a trap I have fallen into so many times I can’t even begin to count.

So I thought about what to do as a hobby from within what I’ve already done and what I know I enjoy. I managed to narrow my options down to things that did not produce a tangible object, didn’t require me to invest a lot of money and time (both things I don’t have in excess in any regard) and are within my wheelhouses of existing talent and resources.

Which pretty much leaves me with writing, taking selfies, and my sense of style/love of fashion.

Now, yes, I have been modeling with some frequency this past summer and that in and of itself as a hobby is surely legit — the only issue with it is that it depends on other people (photographers) and locations, and my therapist said I needed to find something for me that wasn’t regulated by the involvement of others.

So in the vein of my #365feministselfie ventures of years past and my ongoing modeling opportunities, I decided to get back to my blogging roots a bit and do a new 365 photo project documenting my sartorial choices as I balance my many roles as single mom, grad student, non profit employee, and general grown up emo punk alt kid throughout my day to day life.

It’s probably really boring, but as I embrace my mid-thirties and being a full grown ass adult whether I like it or not, the ways I express myself and my place in the world by the clothes I put on my body are how I make sense of this life and this world.

They won’t be modeling-quality photos (especially since I sold my DSLR last year), and you’ll be just as likely to see me in my pj’s as you will my evening work shift best. I’ll share where things are from, but I’m not going to do affiliate links or anything because this isn’t about making money, but about celebrating the complexities of self expression at the intersections of my multiple social roles and documenting my crossing into my 35th year. And this isn’t my first go round at fashion blogging by any means, so you may see some throwback posts folded in here and there because why not.

Right now I’m running about on a two-week backlog (look at me trying to be prepared), so if things seem a bit off with like, weather, or hair changes, that could be why. Knowing me, I’ll lose that lead time pretty quickly, but at least you know you have two weeks of content coming your way. I haven’t decided if/how I’m going to share on other social platforms, because this is more for me than anything, but I get enough compliments/comments on my fashion choices that I thought maybe you’d like go on this journey with me.

So here’s to trying something new with what I already know/have on hand/care about so that I don’t lose all of my mental facilities learning things I don’t yet know.

I’m set to launch October 1st, so see you Monday.

  image courtesy of Misfit & Co Creative Studios

image courtesy of Misfit & Co Creative Studios