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On my public Instagram, I’ve been sharing a cheesecake pinup series I did a couple of years ago with one of my favorite photographers for each night of Hanukkah over the past week. At the time, she and I both wanted more representation of our heritages within the holiday pinup world, because it’s easy to get lost in all of the mistletoe and presents and Santa outfits this time of year.

Part of that series involved these fair isle print thermal onesie pajamas, which I have been gleefully wearing as I binge watch The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel and having feelings about my life pretty much made into a period piece with a fabulous wardrobe, all by the light of the menorah.

As a formerly Mrs. M who parlayed her imploding life into an amusing series of anecdotes and party stories for public consumption with two small humans in tow, this show actually came at me way more sideways than I was expecting — and it’s amazingly done. If you just take the show into present day, Midge would 1000% have been a humor blogger. I probably would have hung out with her at conferences.

But instead, I watch her wear impeccable outfits as she tries to navigate her dreams and her reality and figure out who she is among it all, which is rightfully messy and complex and not at all a cut and dry way of life.

All with a super cute haircut, to boot.

And yes, that is a coordinating pair of dreidel socks and a separately coordinating coffee mug on my personage. It’s not authentic period costuming, but it’s still perfect for Hanukkah.

Chag Sameach!

Baby blue Fair Isle Hanukkah print thermal onesie: Gelt Fiend
Merlot strappy camisole: Old Navy
Silver & pavé diamond Star of David: TJ Maxx
Faceted stud earrings: Brim
Dreidel socks: Meijer
Hanukkah mug: Starbucks