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Yesterday I hosted an old friend for a quasi-impromptu brunch while they were back in town for the holidays. Of course, we were squeezing this in among all of our other previously-scheduled events and gatherings, so I knew I had to get up and get mostly ready for the day so that when brunch was over, I could roll easily right into the next pre-planned thing of the day.

It kind of reminded me of when I was a stay-at-home-mom and housewife, and the rare times we’d have dinner guests over and I’d get all dressed up to go exactly no further than from the kitchen at the back of the house to the living room at the front, with maybe a trip or two upstairs while on tour duty.

But in a good way. Like doing the steps of a dance you would have sworn you forgot years ago. Or like getting a piece of my soul back.

I’m so happy to have a kitchen I like being in again. I am so grateful to have not only space to hold all my sundry kitchen items that languished in the basement and garage of my last tiny house, but real space to cook and bake and still be present with my family and friends. The layout is great and there’s such amazing light and it’s just … nice.

So nice I’ve started to get out things I used to hoard, left over from my old lives and just incorporate them into daily usability because what is the point of having things if you’re not using them? Even just occasionally, like that dinglehopper — I mean, serving fork — that was part of a serving set gifted at my wedding.

And better yet, I let myself enjoy them.

The dishwasher here — my first in nearly 12 years — doesn’t hurt those feelings of joy, either.

Black sleeveless “Save The Mermaids” t-shirt (Disney) & red and grey snowflake fuzzy ankle socks: Target
Grey lace bralette & high waist stretch cotton yoga leggings (in tall!): Old Navy
Grape oven mitts: gifted
Cassis casserole baking dish: Le Creuset
Grey and silver glitter coffee mug: Starbucks
Dinglehopper/serving fork: Kate Spade