Tabatha Wharton



a year+ in the life of my evolving, offbeat aesthetic as i navigate being
a mid-30s-femme-grown-up-emo-punk-single-mom-graduate-student-non-profit-employee-fashionista.


Hi yes my name is Tabatha and I am a recovering Girl Scout raised in the 90s in the Midwest and I love flannel sorry not sorry.

I am still legitimately so mad at myself for, at some juncture in my adult-adjacent life, giving away the collection of flannel shirts I amassed in my youth. I was always so particular about the colors and patterns of plaid and I had some great ones that were soft and sturdy and perfectly broken in. And as I’ve been this height (so my arms have been the same length) since fifth grade, they absolutely would still fit me today.

I even had a solid red one that was the perfect shade of ruby that I used when I dressed up as Jane from Daria for Halloween at some point in my teen years that I would just kill for now.

Ah, the ignorance and naiveté of believing in trends as opposed to personal style. I think that’s the part I like the most about getting older, is that surety of what I like to put on my body and how I like to present and pretty much middle fingers in the air to anyone who has anything to say about it. I fully look forward to being that kooky old lady wearing “age-inappropriate” outfits and clashing patterns and really just whatever the hell I want. I know that any judgments made by really anyone outside of myself are just just reflections of their own insecurities and anxieties and have nothing do do with me.

How I wish I could have felt this sense of self in my younger days and saved myself years of heartache and excess effort and worry and expenses.

I can just hope that in modeling (literally and figuratively) my own personal style, that maybe that generational internalized misogyny will end with me and my misspent youth.

And I will stay comfy AF for it.

White buffalo plaid flannel button down shirt, black deconstructed skinny jeans, & grey knit infinity scarf: Old Navy
Black knit pouf beanie: H&M
Silver metallic leather belt: Vince Camuto
Black leather star choker: Express
Amethyst prism necklace: my childhood
Oversized silver hoop earrings: who the heck knows
Olive weather impervious wedge rain boots: Sorel
Lipstick: KVD Everlasting Liquid in Nosferatu