Tabatha Wharton



a year+ in the life of my evolving, offbeat aesthetic as i navigate being
a mid-30s-femme-grown-up-emo-punk-single-mom-graduate-student-non-profit-employee-fashionista.


If you’re not paying attention, this is an innocuous set of photos.

It’s just another white woman in athleisure, armed with her fancy coffee, taking on another day in the life of a suburban mom during the holidays.

But if I were to be as transparent as I’d like to be, I’d tell you about the nature of the errands I ran this day. How I had appointments at three far flung places around the greater metro demographic area and a small amount of time to achieve them all in. How I had to weigh the choice between waiting at one place versus being on time for another, each one meaning more to my survival than I’d readily like to admit, and only being able to pick the benefits of one. How the coffee was free, thanks to the generosity of the season.

Unfortunately, this isn’t 2009 and there are things you just can’t put on the internet like you used to.

So I’ll leave it with this gentle plea: not everyone hustling and bustling around this holiday season is out shopping or traveling for merriment and festivities.

Some of us are out here just trying to make it to the next day, because our lives and their complications give no reprieve, regardless of the season.

Please keep that — and the fact that we’re all human beings out here — in mind as you drive in traffic and wait in lines and encounter people over the next few days (and really all of the time).

Everyone is fighting a hard battle, and everyone is deserving of kindness.

Happy Merry, out there.

Black “I 🖤 Dayton 🖤’s me” hoodie: SlimDüde
Grey astrology print sleeveless t-shirt: Target
Black leather-look athletic leggings: Under Armour
Fuchsia puffer vest: J. Crew
Grey knit infinity scarf: Old Navy
Purple tortoiseshell cats’ eye glasses: Kate Spade
Black knit pouf beanie: H&M (…kids)
Black leather convertible moto boots: Dr Martens
Starbucks: Grande Peppermint Mocha, whole milk, no whip, extra shot espresso