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I mean, I used to blog about my Spanx situations on the regular, so really how it took this long to get here we’ll never know.

So as I was saying in my earlier post, one of my favorite things to do to winterize my clothing is to layer the shit out of things. I have been doing this since flannel was in the first time. Actually likely before that, because I was a utilitarian Girl Scout and am perpetually annoyed when I am lacking in proper attire for the climatic fluctuations of both living in Ohio and existing within civilization with air conditioning capabilities. And was raised by someone equally annoyed by weather changes but also from Chicago so the levels of preparedness required were more pronounced so I was typically over prepared for cold and wind and more likely to overheat than anything as a child BUT I learned a lot about my tolerance for cold and how to layer without looking like I was going on expedition and also where my personal thresholds are so that as an adult hormones and pregnancies and my thyroid could just fuck everything to hell anyway.

So I thought I’d share what that looks like, from a warmth standpoint and a seamless layering standpoint.

And also because as I was changing I felt like I looked like those scenes in Mrs. Maisel where she was measuring herself for symmetry (except I’m not going to do that because I am nowhere near Type A enough for that shit) and also like I was a pair of tap shoes away from My Big Solo Number and that made me giggle and damnit, we could all use some levity in this shitstorm of a world.

So here’s how I wore what I wore underneath what I wore on a work Saturday in December, alternately titled here’s me in tights and a bodysuit that’s supposed to be a thong but tights and also not today, Satan.



Back to full outfits tomorrow.

Blush chiffon ruffle front dress & black knit pouf beanie (… kids): H&M
Black stretch mock neck bodysuit & black wool princess seam car coat: ASOS
Black patent leather bow belt, iridescent gem drop earrings, purple tortoiseshell cats’ eye glasses & black leather tote bag: Kate Spade
Silver pavé Star of David necklace: TJ Maxx
Black sweater knit tights: Hue
Leather platform knee high stiletto boots: Jessica Simpson
Burgundy plaid flannel infinity scarf: handmade gift
Lipstick: KVD Everlasting Liquid in Exorcism