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So yes, I am super late in this because the plague came and visited all my damn houses and I ended up completely missing life starting on last Wednesday and all through my very busy and now completely canceled weekend. I’m going to try to catch up and run a couple of posts today and a couple tomorrow to get on track. I guess that’s the good thing about running on a week delay — I have these outfits shot and ready to go nearly ten days in advance, I just have to actually sit down and write the posts that go with them and schedule ahead again. I don’t know how I was doing better at this during the semester, but here we are. Maybe it’s that I was at a computer more than I have to be now.

Or maybe it’s that I was dealing with illness for the better part of two weeks at my house and I lost my momentum.

Any which way, I wore this to work on a Saturday for yet another holiday event that is not actually an all-holiday event and apparently this year that means a blush and black theme because when all else fails and you want to feel fancy, channel your inner broken ballerina. Which is exactly how I feel not only wearing both this outfit and the pleated midi skirt outfit (spoiler alert -- it’s the same bodysuit!) but also while wearing these boots for a double shift where I didn’t anticipate actually being on my feet for the whole dang night. Well, one word applies more in each scenario but I’m sure you catch the drift.

So if you haven’t caught on yet, one of my favorite ways to winterize a summer dress is to layer a bodysuit underneath it. My workplace can vary in temperature an astonishing amount, but these days errs on the side of frigid AF during public-facing shifts, so I appreciate the layering that can be done not only with clothing, but with accessories. Because you bet I’m checking if my scarf and my hat coordinate with my outfit as I never know when I’m going to need to deploy the reinforcements.

I also live and die by hot beverages for this same reason.

Anyway, up next later tonight will be part two of this post that is surely inspired by a relatively insignificant portion of Mrs. Maisel and my personal penchant for dancewear-esque ensembes.

Blush chiffon ruffle front dress & black knit pouf beanie (… kids): H&M
Black stretch mock neck bodysuit & black wool princess seam car coat: ASOS
Black patent leather bow belt, iridescent gem drop earrings, purple tortoiseshell cats’ eye glasses & black leather tote bag: Kate Spade
Silver pavé Star of David necklace: TJ Maxx
Black sweater knit tights: Hue
Leather platform knee high stiletto boots: Jessica Simpson
Burgundy plaid flannel infinity scarf: handmade gift
Lipstick: KVD Everlasting Liquid in Exorcism