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Well, I tried it.

I’m feeling about 93% functional now, which is great because I have shit to do. The holidays wait for no one, right?

With Solstice approaching, the hours of daylight I have to work with around various schedules in my household are most definitely short, so instead of crappy inside shots, I thought I’d get creative and use what I’ve got to do outside night shots even though “night” was like at 6:15 pm or some stupid thing.

Clearly, I just made crappy outside shots instead.

At least it wasn’t an exciting outfit, just the same old boring crap I typically wear on a day off from work.

And now you also know I use my vehicle as a tripod. That blogger ingenuity never dies, I tell you.

Black long sleeve T-shirt: ASOS
White cotton layering tank & black faux leather belted moto jacket: Express
Black skinny jeans: Old Navy
Burgundy plaid flannel infinity scarf: handmade gift
Black knit pouf beanie: H&M (… kids)
Black knit fingerless gloves: Target
Purple toirtoiseshell cats eye glasses: Kate Spade
Black leather convertible moto boots: Dr. Martens