Tabatha Wharton



So since it’s a holiday week here in America (celebrating mass genocide and colonialist erasure BUT I DIGRESS) I decided to jumble everything up and just share outfits that are all viable options for putting on your body in preparation of stuffing your face with friends and/or family in a comfortable, non-restrictive manner.

So I wore this on a Friday but I’m using it on a Monday because this blog is chaotic neutral at best. Also I had a dumb end of my week last week but we’ll get to that later.

This shirt dress ( … okay, it’s definitely technically a tunic, sue me) is the softest flannel I’ve ever encountered and yes, I have seen some flannel in my day. I would sleep in this dress if I slept in nightgowns, it’s so comfortable and soft. I’ve worn this with just tights before, but on this day I opted for actual leggings for warmth and ease of wear.

And then there are what I affectionately call my Man Repellers. These wedges are water impervious and yet super lightweight and the ugliest shade of olive green with neon yellow interior that they strike fear into the hearts of anyone who tries to trap me into the tiny box of femininity I flirt with existing in. This is a pair of shoes that made me crack up when I saw them and I put them in my cart because I needed rain boots and sometimes things are so overwhelmingly ugly they are beautiful. Plus, they’re wedges, so they make me full over-6-foot-Amazonian-warrior height which is prime for intimidating fuckboys and creepy uncles alike.

I love these Man Repellers. They keep my feet dry and are incredibly agile footwear for stomping the egos of any man who feels entitled to my performative attractiveness mid-stride. So if your holiday gathering will involve delicious foods with a side of rampant patriarchal bullshit, this is the outfit to wear into battle and come out victorious and comfy AF. They’ll be so distracted and offended by your footwear, they won’t know what intersectional brilliance will hit them between the green bean casserole and the pumpkin pie, all while you sit embraced by the gentle caress of flannel that is still 90% as black as your soul because you like it that way while still being mildly festive and not making your grandmother yell at you for dressing “inappropriately” yet again.

Wins all around. Wins. All. Around.

Black and white plaid flannel shirt dress & grey cotton knit infinity scarf: Old Navy
Black cotton leggings: Spanx
Black druzy necklace: Nordstrom Rack
Black and silver double stud earrings: Target
Purple tortoiseshell cats eye glasses: Kate Spade
Black knit pouf beanie: H&M ( … kids)
Wool princess seam car coat: ASOS
Olive “Joan” water impervious rain wedges: Sorel