Tabatha Wharton



So because this is a boring outfit you’ve already seen probably weekly iterations of since go, let’s talk about something different today, mkay?

At the bottom of each post, I’ve been listing where items are from (or the brand, if that makes more sense to list) but I haven’t been linking anything because I played the affiliate game a long time ago when I fashion blogged before and … it’s a whole lot of work for not a lot of payoff. Half the things I wear aren’t in stores now anyway because either they’re things I’ve had for years or they’re from discount stores, flash sale sites, or straight up clothing swaps.

I am a single mom, after all. And while I do love my specific brands and do believe in quality over quantity in most cases, I make more sport out of getting the nice things for as little money as possible.

So take the leggings I’m wearing in this post (and actually the sweatshirt too) — I’ll say they’re Victoria’s Secret or Express, but I can’t tell you the last time I actually stepped foot in either store. I used to work at/consult for one, and both are crazy expensive even on sale.

Unnnlesssssssss you live in the same state as their parent company corporate headquarters, and there is a clearance center operating within 15 minutes of where you live.

Now, when I worked for the local news conglomerate as a reporter, I reported on my very first trip to this place, so due to intellectual property laws I can’t detail much for weird overlap between what I created for them and what I’m doing now. (If you know the place I’m talking about, check out their Facebook page header. You can see half of my face and my name in there, from that article I wrote.) But suffice it to say, you can get a TON of great well known brand deals there for very little money … like these leggings were $8. I don’t know what they would have cost in the catalogue because I don’t actually get the catalogue anymore. But I do know I’ve gotten high end brand (NOT VS) bras for $4 each — I’m talking retail $70 bras you find on specialty sites or high end department stores — and dress pants that used to usually run me about $80 in store for $12. And all dresses, no matter what kind of dress, are $10.

And that’s just ONE place I shop.

So if it feels like I have an obscene wardrobe for a single mom on a grad student budget … you’re not wrong, I do. But I didn’t pay nearly what you may think I did for the majority of it.

And if even I found myself a millionaire tomorrow, I’d still be doing the exact same thing.

Black cotton hoodie sweatshirt : Express (Men)
White cotton tank: Gap
Purple athletic leggings: VS Sport
Purple tortoise shell cats eye glasses: Kate Spade
Grey cotton knit infinity scarf & faux leather moto jacket: Old Navy
Black knit pouf beanie: H&M (… kids)
Convertible moto boots: Dr. Martens