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I’m making this one from the road today, as it’s Voting Day and I’m not going to post irreverent bullshit on a day heavy with civic duty, political motivations, and deep patriotism. So excuse that the formatting will be a bit wonky until I can get to an actual computer.

As I said on Instagram: Because I moved back to my hometown, my polling place is the very first place I ever cast my vote *mumbles* years ago. I still don’t see anyone who looks like me here, and I deeply disagree with polling places being located within churches (separation of church and state is A THING), but I’m here. I’ve done this with two infants in tow and I’ve done it five minutes before polls close and last night I discovered that I value this right so much I was willing to walk away from a human I care about because I could not stomach someone not participating in their civic duty, especially at a time like this in our nation. This white radical bi intersectional feminist single mom sociologist gentile Jew made it work on the busiest day of my week, and you can, too.


Black cotton star elbow patch sweater: ASOS
“My Marxist Feminist Dialectic brings all the boys to the yard”  t-shirt: gifted
Black deconstructed skinny jeans & grey knit infinity scarf: Old Navy
Black knit coated stripe beanie & octagonal hoop earrings: Target
Leather star choker: Express
Amethyst prism necklace: my childhood
Glasses: Kate Spade
Lavender floral print Chuck Taylors: Converse Outlet
I Ohio Vote sticker: my polling place