Tabatha Wharton



You would think, being someone who models semi-regularly, I would be totally cool with someone else taking my photos in a public space.

Ends up, when field-tripping technically out of state with non-social media/photography people, I still feel awkward as fuck. People turn and stare and inside my head I’m screaming STOP STARING and I become incapable of standing or looking remotely human for candids. I’d much rather melt into the pavement or blend into the wall or do anything but be so entirely visible.

Which yes, I get the irony in that. I am a tall woman who often wears a big black hat and that small children frequently mistake for a witch. And yes, I am usually stopped on the days that I actually put effort into my appearance and complimented on something I’m wearing.

None of that changes that I usually just want to die inside when that happens. But I still refuse to be smaller in any way.

I am a paradox, lol.

So any way my Pisces ass went to the aquarium and was too introverted to take photos there so I came home and did them in my driveway where only my neighbors can judge me instead of what felt like the entirety of northern Kentucky and southwest Cincinnati.

White burn-out t-shirt & Purple Adidas Neo Cloudforms: Nordstrom Rack
Black watch plaid flannel shirt, cropped denim jacket, & black deconstructed skinny jeans: Old Navy
Black lace bralette: Natori
Black wool hat: H&M
Flourite pendant necklace: Zulily
Two-tone necklace & moon druzy necklace: TJ Maxx
Black star cut out belt: Express
Black leather slouchy hobo bag & catseye sunglasses : Kate Spade