Tabatha Wharton



Today is my very last class of this semester.

Last week, I had to give a presentation about a podcast I created and recorded for my Pop Culture, Race, Sex & Gender class (which I think I might upload to my Academics page here sometime over break, depending on what kind of grade I get on it) and in that class were a couple of undergrad students who knew me by a different name and situation entirely, though through the course of the class they very quickly picked up that part of their previous education undeniably came from my brain. Painfully aware of this, I decided to put on my best Teacher game face to practice for my assistant teaching this upcoming Spring semester.

And of course that involved fake leather leggings because I just cannot help myself, truly.

So that begets the introduction of a new mental sartorial category, inspired by one of my blogging friends who moonlights as a middle school teacher in their daily life — teacher drag.

I feel like the term succinctly sums up the conversation I had with my advisor earlier this semester regarding this position — it’s definitely not my usual fashion choices, but some version of it, seen through the lens of some mysterious Other as “appropriate” or “respectable” (which are terminologies that are determined by a very small pool of the utmost privileged, so they bear little value or substantive weight and only function as a means of power and control). It is the act of performing what outside forces would interpret as an educational authority figure, based in very little functional reality, with the purpose of providing commentary and information in an engaging and accessible way.

It’s drag, just without the fun makeup and shoes and costumes. And early AF in the morning.

But knowing me, I’ll push the boundaries of it (hi faux leather EVERYTHING) because that’s what I do.

Also apropos to nothing I’m getting to the point where either intentionally or not, I’m going nearly a full week between hair washings. It’s pretty safe to guess that if you see it seemingly purposely styled, it’s because I can’t remember when exactly I washed it last and I generally forget each morning that I need to wake up earlier to tackle that task. But at least I’m finally playing with this giant mane of mine as opposed to just wearing it down all the time?

Who knows.

Here’s to Winter Break, one last paper, and getting my shit together before January.

Red buffalo check flannel shirt: Old Navy
Black wool blend cropped dolman sleeve sweater & faux leather leggings (in tall!): ASOS
Octagonal hoop earrings: Target
Circle chain necklace: New York & Company
Black suede wedge booties: Jessica Simpson
Lipstick: KVD Everlasting Love Liquid in Outlaw