Tabatha Wharton



Another reason I love winter so much is that I feel like for my coloring, it’s my most flattering time of year. As in, bring me your rubies and your sapphires and your emeralds and your amethysts and layers of black and silver and copper and gold and let me get my full Snow White winter witch vibes rolling.

Growing up, my mom was always insistent that red was my color, and often I found myself with red clothing filling my closet. However, I knew at a very young age that purple was my favorite, so she and I battled a bit up until about third or fourth grade when I started growing by leaps and bounds, quickly sizing out of kids clothes and on into the juniors section before I’d even hit double digits — where the battles then became about styles and lengths more than what color something was.

And while as a full-grown adult purple is still my favorite, I’ve finally gotten to a place where red carries through a good deal of my wardrobe … even if it is just a deep lip. So, fair play to my mom, even if I avoided red for the better part of my life because of very clear memories of a particular pair of red corduroy pants.

That’s all to say winter is the time of year that my near-translucent skin and my super dark eyes and my mostly dark hair shine their best along the jewel tones of the season, which makes it a lot more fun to amp up my usual black garb.

I once found a single-frame comic that was a woman with bright jewel-toned hair, tattoos, piercings, in a pin-up style dress looking into a mirror while she applied red lipstick, and the caption said “I don’t want to be beautiful. I was to be vaguely threatening and otherworldly.”

And these are my winter aesthetic goals.

Black cotton long sleeve jersey knit maxi dress (with pockets): Zulily
Grey knit infinity scarf: Old Navy
Black knit fingerless Gloves: Target
Dual white druzy geode necklace: Nordstrom Rack
Oversized silver hoop earrings: somewhere in my past
Black fleece-lined leggings: Hue
Black leather convertible moto boots: Dr. Martens
Lipstick: Too Faced Melted Liquid Latex in Bite Me (over KVD Everlasting Love Liquid in Nosferatu)