Tabatha Wharton



If you know me at all, you know that despite growing up in southwest Ohio, I do not call this place home.

Home, for me, forever and always will be where my mom’s family is from and adjacent to my birthplace: Chicago.

I am a high northern Midwestern girl through and through and nothing brings me more soul-deep joy and delight than this early winter snow. Nothing also makes me miss Chicago more than the snow and the holidays, if I’m being completely honest. Some of my best memories of childhood were driving out to the ‘burbs a few times a year to visit my mom’s family, and one of the precious few memories of my maternal grandmother is in the early winter. Even into my teen and college years, driving back (often with friends or a significant other, and later my own little family) and being able to share the city with people I cared about brought me such a sense of wholeness I’ve never been able to capture in and around my hometown.

Where I live is known for being kind of this super shitty air quality area and every time I go home, I can breathe. This is also true of just about everywhere I ever travel to, but there’s something about Chicago that smells like home — and for someone who’s olfactory senses have been 85% dead for most of her life (medically verifiable; also thanks to growing up somewhere where I was/am allergic to literally EVERYTHING that grows here) it always makes me want to cry.

These first snows here in Ohio are some of the closest I ever get to that feeling of breathing, now that travel isn’t as easy — though there is that added delight as a parent of seeing the joy the first snow can bring.

It’s just not quite the same, here.

So this was my stubborn ice-blooded self actually on Monday out in the flurries to take these pictures without a coat (because I think I’ve pretty much illustrated I wear like, one of three coats all the time) and allowing myself in all of the stress and pressure and uncertainty of my present life to have a few stolen moments of unbridled joy.

It snowed.

And I allowed myself to smile for it.

Dusty rose “Viva la femme” long sleeve knot-front t-shirt: Target (… kids)
Black denim overalls (in tall!): Gap
Black cotton knit duster cardigan: Old Navy
Burgundy plaid flannel infinity scarf: handmade gift
Black knit pouf beanie: H&M (… kids)
Silver oversized hoop earrings: your guess is as good as mine as I found them in the bottom of a box looking for something completely different, as you do
Amethyst crystal necklace: my childhood
Black leather star choker: Express
Studded sole leather combat boots: Catherine Malandrino