Tabatha Wharton



So, I have a confession.

I’m out of contacts.

It’s more than that, really. It’s that I need an eye appointment to get my prescription renewed and between school and work and parenting and life, I have not the time nor the spare finances to pay for a full exam and then contacts. So if you see me lately, I’ve been wearing my glasses that are admittedly over five years old and aren’t the right prescription for my impending bifocal needs.

Yes I said bifocals. It’s why I wear readers when I do wear my contacts, and why when I’m wearing my glasses they’re not on my actual face half of the time.

Not an exciting story, but it’s the day after the fashion show which is always this weird mental space for me — still riding the performance high and seeing the photos and feeling some kind of amazing but then also looking at my average everyday self and feeling super boring and blah and unattractive. And the glasses sitch doesn’t help much in that regard … I was teased pretty relentlessly as a kid for having glasses (… and being so tall, and so heavy, and bad skin, and too smart, and and and …) and having to wear them all the time feels like some bizarre cognitive dissonance about who I was as a kid and the adult I’ve become (or, according to my studies, the performance of adulthood I employ) and which of those versions of me is closer to the truth.

Not to mention I have my thesis proposal and a research paper due over the next couple of days plus the last week of classes and the kickoff of holiday season at work and it’s Hanukkah on top of it all and I am tired.

Happy second night. Let’s all eat our awkward holiday feelings in some damn fried potatoes.

Black and white striped long sleeve t-shirt (in tall!): Gap
Wide weave black knit cocoon sweater: Express
Rinse skinny jeans, black layering camisole, grey knit infinity scarf, & leather and chain tie choker necklace: Old Navy
Black knit coated stripe beanie: Target
Oversized silver hoop earrings: who knows
Purple tortoiseshell cats’ eye glasses: Kate Spade
Black leather convertible moto boots: Dr. Martens