Tabatha Wharton



I did a really big (for me) thing the day I wore this outfit.

I finally, after many years of toying with the idea, went to Shabbat services for the very first time.

The temple I’ve been most referred to, when I’ve inquired locally, is a Reform temple and they were having a community service in remembrance of the victims of Pittsburgh and I felt … compelled. So I swallowed my paralyzing social anxiety and deep reservations about institutional houses of worship (based on previous life experiences) and fueled by crowd sourced information from my Jewish friends on social media I spent my first real Shabbat enveloped in grace and comfort and belonging, only standing out as much as I ever do in a public setting.

And I think I will likely go back, as my schedule allows.

There’s a lot more I could say about it, but for right now I want to navigate this with a bit more space for myself before I get super into the details, but this was an unexpected brightness in the ongoing chaos of my life, and I’m incredibly grateful I got over myself enough to have that experience.

Black cotton floral print dress: Target
Black knit cocoon sweater: Express
Fleece-lined legging tights: Hue
Gold leather belt & Black wool hat: H&M
Grey knit infinity scarf: Old Navy
Cube moonstone stud earrings & druzy moon necklace: TJ Maxx
Studded sole combat boots: Catherine Malandrino