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Originally, the plan had been to wear my Princess Leia costume to work on Halloween because fully covered! and pop culture relevancy! and honestly my department is filled with all manner of both fandom and Halloween enthusiasts, so I thought it would go over well.

But in stopping by my office a couple of weeks prior to Halloween in costume for a Halloween-themed event, my boss got the idea in their head that my costume involved a cat suit, as in, an all-white, skin-tight one piece. This was not the case — the jeans are the same style of jeans I always wear, just in white instead of black or blue, and the turtleneck was no tighter than any other casual shirt I’d wear. I guess the fact that they were white made it more pronounced, I don’t know.

Anyway, I was advised NOT to wear my costume to work on the premise that it was a cat suit. And because I am petty and have a touch of oppositional defiance and also because of the familial vibe of my department, I hobbled together a second costume on 36 hours notice straight out of my closet.

I went as a business-casual appropriate literal cat.

My boss thought it was funny, as did several of my coworkers. Honestly, I’m very fortunate to have a workplace that tolerates my shenanigans, even when I’m being a snarky brat. And I hope my boss realizes that the fact that I listened to the gentle boundary shows the respect I have for their authority and the reasons given as to why they didn’t want me to wear it … I just couldn’t let my favorite holiday pass by without celebrating it a little throughout my day.

And then I changed into my Princess Leia getup (complete with a halo braid that only took me two attempts and 20 minutes) for Trick or Treat in the rain, the end.

Black “This Is My Costume” t-shirt & leopard print twill pencil skirt: Old Navy
Grey cat face boyfriend cardigan: Target
Black tights: Spanx
Cat ears: high school
Rhinestone skull and crossbones stud earrings & leather star choker: Express
Studded combat boots: Catherine Malandrino