Tabatha Wharton



This outfit boils down to a philosophy I’m not sure where I picked it up, but I know I’ve been doing it for a very long time.

Basically, on the days I wake up and I feel like I can’t bear to face the world, for whatever reason, I allow myself one of two options while getting dressed. I either embrace the ick and wear everything for comfort and refuse even a low-flying fuck about what anyone has to say about it, or I dress up. Sometimes that means damn near full pin-up gear, sometimes that means a whole lot of fake leather and sequins, and sometimes that just means a flowy-ass dress so I can feel light and floaty and vaguely like royalty.

Did I love this turtleneck under this dress? No, I did not. But I really wanted to wear this dress and the sleeve situation makes any kind of cardigan or kimono or whatever complicated. I tried it. I likely won’t do it again.

I also, if you look closely enough, had clearly been bawling my eyes out prior to these photos — enough that I was (lovingly) sent home from work to concentrate on my classwork. I share this honestly as a testament to the products I slap on my face every day — my eyeliner was impeccably in tact, lips still sharp, barely a sign of blotchy-ness to be found. Maybe one of these days I’ll talk face, because most days that’s as much a part of my outfit as the clothes on my body.

But anyway. I tried to dress up to cheer myself up and it didn’t really work but putting in the effort was enough to make sure I got out the door and into the world when all I wanted to do was hide in bed for a week.

Sometimes that’s all you can ask for.

Black chiffon star-print peasant dress, silver etched disk earrings & black knit fingerless gloves: Target
Grey cotton turtleneck bodysuit: ASOS
Purple geode necklace: Nordstrom Rack
Sweater knit tights: Hue
Grey knit infinity scarf: Old Navy
Faux leather belted moto jacket: Express
Studded leather pointed toe booties: Catherine Malandrino
Lipstick: KVD Everlasting Love Liquid in Nosferatu