Tabatha Wharton



And on the second day of the power outage, I went to work on four hours of sleep and proceeded to COMPLETELY make myself look human in the bathroom there instead of trying to put on a face with five other people, three of them children, at 6AM in an unfamiliar layout a half hour further away from everywhere else I could possibly need to be on a Friday morning. And of course, a coworker of mine walked in while I was curling my hair — my hair that was now doubling it’s usual between-washes time, praise the broken humidity and dry shampoo — and we chatted as if it were a dang sorority house and not the office bathroom of a multi-million dollar performance space.

AND WAS I GLAD because despite picking the sweatshirt dress for comfort and only really giving thought to my patterned tights and round #3 of thigh-high boots (these ones are keepers, I think, though still not as tall as I wanted), I almost didn’t put forth the effort of makeup and hair because I wasn’t scheduled to be public facing …

… but surprise! There was a promotional video being shot in the buildings and there are a few of us with acting/modeling/etc. backgrounds that they tap for these things (often with no warning, like this day) and sure enough, I spent over half my shift playing model in the lobby … with added bonus of nearly the entire crew doing the filming being known to me through completely different circumstances and people, so there was a lot of selfies being taken and texts sent here and there and around again and it was all very surreal, to be honest.

Luckily, right around dinner time the power was finally restored at my house, so I packed up all of our emergency earthly belongings from my brother’s, pet his dog goodbye (I swear I’m a cat person but these dogs …) and set out on our previously-scheduled weekend activities with a car full of crap and a deep realization that when the zombie apocalypse comes, I am truly and utterly going to die within the first few hours.

The more you know, people. The more you know.

Grey cotton sweatshirt dress: Express
Black cotton spaghetti strap tunic tank: Old Navy
Patterned tights: Spanx
Faux suede stretch over-the-knee boots: Kenneth Cole
Agate geode slice necklace: Altar’d State
Gold teardrop quartz crystal earrings: Nordstrom Rack
Black catseye sunglasses: Kate Spade