Tabatha Wharton



Here is the outfit for when you’re trying to not look a complete hot mess for your Black Friday shopping but in reality, you haven’t washed your hair in nearly a week and may or may not be wearing a bra under that sweater but you also want to look slightly mean so people GTF out of your way while you’re snagging those deals.

I actually wore this outfit for Casual Hipster Monday, but I can’t remember at this point why I gave so little effort to getting dressed. I think this was after I lost power for two days due to an ice storm (those posts are coming) and I was scrounging for clean laundry, but honestly the winter blahs have been hitting me something fierce on top of fighting off a stomach bug earlier last week so chances are I just felt like hell.

I also don’t really do Black Friday anymore — after years of working in retail, no sale is worth adding to the fray and losing that much sleep, especially since the sales start Thursday afternoon these days. And generally, I have to work that day anyway and/or school is closed so I have to either work or parent and you know, there just isn’t anything I need with that level of dedication to require that level of effort. I’m a competitive shopper already, and I do pretty good without fighting crowds or chasing sales.

And thus concludes this week of Thanksgiving holiday outfits — but trust, between Hanukkah, Christmas, and New Years, you’re going to see them peppered through pretty often.

Merlot cowl-neck bouclé sweater, octagonal hoop earrings, & black knit fingerless gloves: Target
Black deconstructed skinny jeans & grey knit infinity scarf: Old Navy
Moon druzy necklace: TJMaxx
Purple tortoiseshell cats eye glasses: Kate Spade
Faux leather belted moto jacket: Express
Studded leather combat boots: Catherine Malandrino
Lipstick: KVD Everlasting Love Liquid in Sinner