Tabatha Wharton



Happy Thanksgiving!

This is the outfit you wear when you’re at home cooking all day for an impromptu Friendsgiving and you discover people you don’t actually know are coming over, so you can’t look completely a mess while also needing flexibility and light breathability because being in the kitchen making a full brined turkey, mashed potatoes, sweet potato casserole, green bean casserole, stuffing, corn pudding, and pumpkin pie and then also quickly steam cleaning your carpets and washing your couch covers is definitely low-level cardio.

I will say this, though — I spent nearly a decade as a housewife/stay-at-home-parent and I was a lifestyle/mom/house blogger before, during, and after all of it. And yes, I had this ideal about what I thought a married life and a family life was like, and as a successful house blogger, I was VERY into aesthetics. I still see rooms from my old house in my Pinterest feed as things the algorithm thinks I’d want to pin (and yeah, it stings a little).

But in making Friendsgiving yesterday, I got to use a lot of items leftover from that life that I haven’t touched besides packing and unpacking them in likely five or so years.

And it felt good. Like a soul-deep joy I had forgotten I could know.

There’s more to it than just using a hand-zester or my (purple) stand mixer or my fancy bakeware … I’ll leave it that the two men in my life in the last 13 years both were cooks, and they both kept me out of the kitchen for their various reasons and slowly, over time, I forgot how much I love to make food from scratch for people I care about, and I deeply doubted my abilities to do so with any talent or edibility.

My inner Italian Jew grandma was very sad and frustrated for many years.

And in having people over who flat out didn’t even know me, never mind have never eaten my food, and to watch them happily eat and even fall out a little over my pumpkin pie … that was soul-healing.

Didn’t hurt to have the compliments on my home and how well everything went together, either. Especially since the tiny house I live in now isn’t one I redesigned from the studs up, but just a space I occupy for now.

I apparently very much still got it going on, if I do say so myself.

So I guess this Thanksgiving, aside for clearly being thankful for my kids and my home and my village that has helped my little trio plus pets get through these last few very hard years, the gratitude and compassion I found for myself as I somehow grow beyond everything I used to think I was while realizing how much of what I attributed to other people and relationships actually was rooted within me … I just didn’t have the confidence to claim it … was possibly the most unexpected part of making a big meal.

All of that to say, it was a very good Thanksgiving indeed.

(And this outfit was actually what I wore after I wore the sequin pencil skirt outfit — trust my hair was up in a top knot and nary a swipe of lipstick was to be seen while I was cooking yesterday, but essentially it was the same.)

I hope you and whoever you hold close have a delightful holiday today or tomorrow or whenever you celebrate. And if you have to be far from those you love and care about, I hope you find peace and solace in the day in the best self-care you have available to you.

And if you need a place to go with leftovers, let a girl know. I have a plate with your name on it.

Bicycle “Go W/ The Flow” cropped sweatshirt: Speakeasy Yoga
Grey “Star Gazer” tie-front sleeveless T-shirt & fuzzy snowflake ankle socks: Target
Black cotton yoga leggings (in tall!) & burgundy long-line lace bralette: Old Navy
Lipstick: KVD Everlasting Love Liquid in Nosferatu & Everlasting Glimmer Veil in Dazzle
Large amethyst mason jar with straw-top lid and reusable straw: Ball