Tabatha Wharton



Today’s holiday appropriate outfit is for when you are the black sheep divorcée cousin refusing to tone it down for the family function while being able to truthfully state you are fully covered when someone inevitably tries to tell you you’re dressed inappropriately, with an added side of a sweater that doubles as a blanket to wrap yourself in when, like clockwork, some uncle complains it’s too hot in the house with the oven on and all these people and props open every door he can find and no one remembers or cares that your thyroid issues means you have no body temperature regulation and you will have to try and ward off hypothermia in some corner until someone else complains the cold air is making all the food cold.

Just ignore that the top, in the right light, is a little see through, according to my sources. Oh well. I do have a reputation to uphold, I guess.

I actually wore this outfit to a weekend shift at work where I was really unsure if I’d be running around like crazy or sitting still most of my shift, and I as per the norm I was running on approximately 4 hours of sleep, so I needed a covert blanket to stay warm and apparently cover up my very visible bra line.

Can’t have another Rompergate on my hands. At least not at work.

Black stretch mock neck bodysuit: ASOS
Faux leather mini skirt: H&M
Knit sleeveless sweater blanket wrap: Express
Dual oil slick chain necklace: Nordstrom Rack
Clear quartz crystal stud earrings: Pluma Jewelry
Black knit sweater tights: Hue
White booties: Nine West