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So hi I am blind and those are real glasses.

I don’t usually wear them that often because I have light sensitivity issues and don’t own prescription sunglasses, but today was the right amount of overcast with a side of sinus pressure that made contacts feel like asking for a migraine later in the day. These are the grown-up choices I have the endless joy of making — at least I think my actual vision glasses are cute. They are just about five years old though, so I’m probably due for a new prescription that will likely involve bifocals because age and genetics can be mean.

Tuesdays are again my long day (though yesterday’s activities damn near rivaled it) so I was looking for something comfortable and easy going for all of the running around and various locations I have to inhabit throughout my waking hours. And this t-shirt makes me so damn happy.

See, I was raised on Star Wars as I imagine kids are being raised on things like Harry Potter now. If there was a marathon of them on TV on the weekends growing up, we were watching them. The movement of the franchise into common mainstream pop culture has been a generally welcome thing by me (and I don’t mean like the rabid fan bases and stuff, just like, it has unilateral cultural weight to it now instead of being niche science fiction) because I can pass the stories on to the next generation with much more ease than that which it was imparted upon me. And the concentration now on the women in the canon? YES, PLEASE. (RIP Space Mom)

Actually, I could say a lot about Carrie Fisher and now not only her portrayal of Leia but her writing and her life experiences and her philosophies have shaped and guided my adult womanhood far more than I would have anticipated as a child trying to get my hair into those side buns. She was an amazing, complex, insanely smart, talented, flawed and flawless woman. I feel so fortunate to have grown up with her in my internal pantheon of role models.

Also, it’s beanie season motherfuckers. All is once again right with the world.

Moto tunic hoodie: H&M
Star Wars “Self-Rescuing Princess” t-shirt: Her Universe
Layering tank & distressed black jeans: Old Navy
Coated-striped beanie & octagon hoop earrings: Target
Moon necklace: TJ Maxx
Tortoiseshell cats-eye glasses: Kate Spade
Convertible moto boots: Dr. Martens