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A long time ago (… in a galaxy far, far away …) I saw a meme stating that autumn was Han Solo season, showing the classic Star Wars character from the original movie side-by-side with a bunch of white girls in jeans and riding boots and vests and it was pretty damn on point and I laughed more than I should have.

Well, for me, it’s more like Jessica Jones season.

There is no glee greater for me than being able to bust out my Docs and my flannel and my (faux) leather jacket. It is my *~*aesthetic*~* and has been for yeeeeaaaaarrrssss. So much so that I was Jessica Jones for Halloween last year and I only needed to get aviators, fingerless gloves, and light colored jeans — all stuff I was sure I would never wear and now do so on a regular basis. Why yes, that crow I’m eating is delicious thank you for asking.

And what better way to celebrate a stupidly gorgeous early autumn day than by fully embracing my inner sardonic quasi-superhero self and going to the pumpkin patch. Because my basicness knows no bounds and I freaking love pumpkins. I’ve been going to the same patch since I was in high school, to the point the owners recognize me each year and have often given me discounts or just flat out free pumpkins. The one I’m holding will soon become pumpkin bread or pumpkin French Toast, and there are larger ones waiting to be carved in a few short weeks.

Also hello from outside. Most days I think these will end up being inside shots which I know are not awesome, but with my schedule sometimes that’s the best I’ll be able to manage. I am going to try and get out and about when I plausibly can (ESPECIALLY when the weather is so gorgeous) without say, drawing a ton of attention or causing issues with say, building security or anything … even though I work in some stupidly awesome and photogenic locations. For example, just being outside for the five minutes it took me to shoot these caused my neighbors to come talk to me and … I oddly prefer to not have an audience for my selfies. It’s different when I’m just modeling, somehow. Don’t ask me how. It just is.

Black cotton lace-trim tank: Who What Wear for Target
Deconstructed light wash jeans & black-watch plaid flannel shirt : Old Navy
Convertible moto boots: Dr Martens
Wool hat: H&M
Earrings: BRIM
Amethyst necklace: mine from childhood
Bracelets: Mantraband; My Intent; Fitbit; House of Ravenwood