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This was bound to happen sooner or later.

It’s starting to finally feel like fall, so I turned off the A/C, opened up the windows, and put away 432874832938 baskets of laundry to find my standby high waist leggings (comfy enough to wear around the house as pj’s, but decent enough to run errands in save for the cat fur, all while keeping my mom belly in check) and my favorite self-acquired boyfriend hoodie, with a sleeveless tank from my most recent yoga home underneath for when cleaning and cooking and all of those old former housewifery habits make me break a sweat.

This will not be the last time you see me like this by a long shot.

On the weekends I don’t work, I try to make sure there’s at least one day where I don’t leave the house if I can help it. My life is so on the go most of the time, a day at home to catch up on laundry and dishes and spend time with my housebound babies (that would be my pets) is an integral part of my self-care and sanity. And I like to do so as sartorially comfortably as possible … and since this is a 365 project, let no comfy outfit go undocumented, unglamourous as it may be.

Speaking of self-care and sanity, I’ve made the move this semester to attempt to do some routine aesthetic self-care while doing school work — I might as well multitask the things I can, and treatments like masks and facials require me to get up and move at regular intervals while doing said school work so I don’t become eaten alive by my textbooks and research and my couch. There’s also usually tea involved. So while I may feel an insane mess most of the time, at least my skin won’t completely betray how vexed I am by everydamnthing, namely my theories class. Stats is a close second, though.

The cat pictured is Roxy and she is the middlest cat and an asshole, the end.

“Windy City” Hoodie: Homage
High waist cotton yoga leggings: Old Navy
Sleeveless “Gem” tank: Speakeasy Yoga
Grey seamless strappy bralette: Free People
Face mask: Multi-Face-eted by Bliss
Currently studying: The History of Sexuality by Michel Foucault