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When you wake up with a migraine the morning of an all-day weekend shift that involves being front-facing all day, half of that at an event, you go safe.

Sure, I felt like I missed an opportunity to dress up all wild in theme with the evening event. Yep, I usually like to be more dressed up than this on the weekends for events in general. But sometimes what’s easy is what’s best, and I knew I’d be comfortable and put together enough in this outfit to handle my day while navigating a migraine (and the accompanying strobing vision, misophonia, nausea, and extreme ocular pressure) that wouldn’t quit on top of my job duties, which spanned two properties. And also avoiding a security guard while trying to grab these selfies right quick on my lunch break, which is why they’re poorly lit and blurry. All on like four hours of sleep (which surely contributed to the migraine flare) because social life and Halloween and midnight tarot readings.

Nothing terribly thrilling or exciting, but that’s just how it goes some days.

Charcoal heather sweater dress (in tall!): Old Navy
Plaid flannel infinity scarf: handmade gift
O-ring wide leather belt: Nine West
Octagonal hoop earrings: Target
Black wool hat: H&M
Lace tights: Natori
Studded ankle booties: Catherine Malandrino