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This is the face of a woman who wrote, in sum, a 22 page academic paper in the span of about six hours today. I do not recommend it.

So I haven’t talked much about what exactly I’m in grad school for because … I’m not really sure why. Guess I never thought it was pertinent.

For those who are curious, I’m presently in my second year of my MA in Applied Behavioral Sciences with certificates each in Womens, Sex & Gender Studies and Sociological Diversity. My undergrad is a BA in Sociology with a concentrations in Psychology and Sex & Gender Studies, and I’m presently attending my alma mater a full decade after matriculating with my BA, and I am a second generation graduate of my university.

I presently have a 4.0. If you were curious. This semester may break it, though, with a nearly full time plus half again course load containing a theory class, a methodology class, a cultural analysis class, and a mental health seminar. Oh and this silly little 80 page thesis I have to research, study, and submit … the subject of which I’ll discuss at a later time, but right now it’s literally all I’ve thought about today and I need a break.

And after class tonight, it was confirmed that I will be a teaching assistant this upcoming semester in an undergraduate sexual health course.

With luck and a shit ton of hard brain work, I may graduate in the spring. But I have some life planning and choices I need to make in regards to that, and if push comes to shove I may have to push my graduation back a year. I really wanted to be done in two years (as it’s a two year program) but I need to remind myself I literally added two other programs on top of my main degree AND I’m a super single mom plus I do actually work, and often weird hours at that.

So I guess don’t let all these photos fool you into thinking I’m some vacuous excuse of a human who just plays dress up all the time.

I’m just a (really tired) sociologist who actively has to pursue points of joy in life in order to keep all these plates spinning and my closet (literal, not figurative, but that’s another post altogether) is one of the few happy places I have left on this earth.

And maybe next week I will bore you with my thesis while I practice writing Dr. before my name a bunch in some notebook somewhere.

Grey long sleeve v-neck t-shirt, deconstructed black skinny jeans, & grey lace bralette: Old Navy
Faux leather belted moto jacket: Express
Pouf hat: H&M
Two-tone metal necklace: TJ Maxx
Convertible moto boots: Dr. Martens
Collarbone tattoo: “my heart is my armour” {twenty one pilots lyrics}