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So now that it’s COLD in Ohio (and will be until … April) I am finally in my element. I have embraced over the last couple of years that truly, the colder months are my favorite. And what better way to welcome in the chill in the air than a pair of liquid faux leather leggings (which are indeed different than the ones from a couple of weeks ago) and a sweatshirt dress.

Yes, I said sweatSHIRT dress. It’s super fine knit, but it is also super soft and comfy. I honestly wouldn’t normally wear leggings under a dress this long (I would opt for tights), buuuuuut I really wanted to wear these leggings and it ended up being the right move for my day at work and in class where the high for the day was reached at like 9AM and it just dropped from there.

A note on faux leather leggings: for longer than I should admit it has been my quest to continually find the perfect pair for my stupid long legs and mom belly. I have a compatriot in this department, my friend L, who is my wardrobe soulmate and also a connoisseur of all things faux leather and studded and for her, leopard print (I’m more a plaid girl myself). While the pair from a couple of weeks ago came in tall, they are a little more flat than I usually like and not as stretchy as I prefer. These, however, while reaching my ankle at best, are more the fit I look for in faux leather leggings even if it was a damn near Olympic sport to get them on in the morning. Both will serve their purposes in my closet just fine.

Also, I got a pouf hat. From the kids’ section because other fun note about me — my skull is the same size as my younger brother’s … when he was born. He is now a very tall human and I am the short one in my family at 5’9” but be that as it may, I have a child-sized noggin and have to special order glasses and often can’t find things like hats or headbands that stay on my head that are anything closely resembling age appropriate. It also means I am starting to have to defend my accessories from my spawn because I birthed a human with an average noggin and they fit us both. So.

Lastly, photobomb by my blind senile diabetic geriatric Chihuahua, Cheech, who is not long for this world, poor thing. He’s been with me for over a decade and will be the first (indoor) pet loss of my parenthood and … there’s just no good way or time for that. I hoping maybe he can make it through the holidays, as he’s still active and has adapted as well to his challenges as one might expect (better, even), but he’s 13 years old and I know how these things can go quickly downhill.

Way to end it on a downer, self.

Grey sweatshirt dress: Express
Black cotton tunic-length layeing tank: Old Navy
Black faux leather leggings & long purple druzy necklace: Nordstrom Rack
Cropped utility jacket & octagonal hoop earrings: Target
Burgundy plaid infinity scarf: custom handmade gift
Black knit hat with pouf: H&M (…kids)
Convertible moto boots: Dr. Martens
Lipstick: KVD Everlasting Love Liquid in Woolf