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Me: Okay, today I have work, parent-teacher conferences, class, and need to go to the grocery. It’s a gorgeous fricking day outside, but I’m slammed all day. When am I going to take my selfies when there’s still light out?

Also me: You could suck it up and take some on campus. You love campus in the fall.

Me: Yeah, but so many peeeeoooopppllleeee and also the best parts of campus are really hard to get without a legit photography set up and/or standing in a parking lot.

Also me: Just go stand by a window in the building you’ll be in. It’ll be fine. No one is actually ever watching you or cares what you’re doing. You’re invisible.

Five seconds into taking selfies on campus: Approached by a former professor to chat. Classmate looms at the periphery of professor chat to ask about an assignment for a different class … and chat. Current professor beckons me to class as they walk by, side-eyeing my set up.

Me: I’m never fucking doing this again.

Also me: Can’t take you anywhere.

Black v-neck dolman sweater: ASOS
Striped cotton button down: Old Navy
Faux leather pencil skirt: Catherine Malandrino
Two-tier oil slick chain necklace: Nordstrom Rack
Moonstone cube stud earrings: TJ Maxx
Black wool hat: H&M
Black suede wedge booties: Jessica Simpson