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And it literally went from 88°F to 38°F in the span of 36 hours and it is now winter even though two days ago it was still summer. This will be moot by the time you read this but I try to write each day as I take these photos, even if the posts are scheduled way in advance, and that is the truth of today.

It is now cold enough that my winter-loving northern-midwestern ass still YELLS when I walk outside and am greeted with the frigid air that cuts straight to the bones. This happens every year, and still yet every year I am unprepared. Which is why this winter coat is still covered in a light dusting of cat fur because I had to run back inside to get it on my way to work as my moto jacket was not going to cut it today, nope. There was no time for a lint roller. When you have five cats and two dogs and multiple children while being the only adult in the house you can come at me about it. Preferably with a lint roller because then that’s one less thing I have to tackle.

Lucky for me this skirt is fleece-lined so I can let approximately 5% of my legs show bare and not feel like I’m going to get hypothermia.

And this is where I admit that once upon a time I won a second-place trophy the very first time I entered a pinup contest (That’s First Runner Up Miss White Trash and White Walls 2013 to you, thanks, I have the car-part figurine with lug-nut boobs to show for it) and I spent a good few years super into the modern retro pinup scene. I was never quite full-on rockabilly, but I tiptoed very close to that line often, and happily so.

That’s to say that sometimes, a little retro vibe goes a long way to making my day fun. Just because we outgrow certain styles and scenes doesn’t mean we can’t revisit them in our own ways when we feel like it. So yes, I did the Twist with a gaggle of neighborhood kids playing in my front yard while taking these photos and then I told them to ask their grandparents about their favorite dances from their youths because I sure as shit can’t do the floss or whatever that leg kicking fist pumping thing is, but I can do the shimmy like nobody’s business.

You’re welcome for the bonding opportunity, random grandparents.

Black 3/4 sleeve crew neck sweater: Banana Republic
Oxblood fleece-lined faux leather midi pencil skirt: Nordstrom Rack
Black wool princess seamed coat: ASOS
Burgundy plaid infinity scarf: custom handmade gift
Clear facet earrings & necklace: Express
Black suede platform stiletto pumps: Jessica Simpson
Lipstick: KVD Everlasting Love Liquid in Damned