Tabatha Wharton



The one time at work I was reprimanded for my outfit was when I did, indeed, wear a formal romper with a blazer and heels for an evening event shift over the summer. Apparently, the optical illusion of the length of my legs combined with the fact of them being bare ( … because SUMMER) was enough to have a reminder missive sent out to my department that under no circumstances are shorts or shorts-seeming items of clothing considered work-appropriate garb. Even though I’d argue that some of the skirts I’ve worn are definitely more questionable than that romper, I took the public shaming and have only mildly brought it up snarkily a few times since then.

Partially because before that point in time, I’ve worn a “formal” short over tights a handful of times to work in different departments and nothing was said because honestly, I really love the look of shorts over tights from time to time to help break up the monotony of pants or skirt, pants or skirt. Now, did I shoot myself in the foot with the romper? Potentially, and I claim that. I should have worn sheers or something under them just to make sure I was covered, but it was hot out.

Anyway, so I did not wear this outfit to work so as not to tempt fate, but instead to class for a presentation I had to give (that I bombed, if you ask me) and all of my classmates that usually see me barefaced in leggings and hoodies were all commenting on how impressed they were with what I look like with a little effort. One undergrad classmate who was aware of me from one of my previous lives even commented that I finally looked like the person they imagined me to be from my old blogs, which made me laugh.

I’m the same human, zero to camera (or blog) ready, no matter what my last name may or may not have been at any given point in time.

Garnet cotton knit high neck shell tank & black cotton boyfriend sweater (in tall!): Old Navy
Herringbone print formal shorts & star cut out belt: Express
Polka dot micro fishnets: MeMoi
Star print gauze scarf: Target
Black wool hat: H&M
Sunglasses: Kate Spade
Clear quartz earrings: Pluma Jewelry
Oil Slick double chain necklace: Nordstrom Rack
Convertible moto boots: Dr. Martens
Lipstick: Too Faced Melted Liquid Latex in Can’t Touch This