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So I’ll admit that in efforts of giving my brain a break from all of the word-heavy digital and analog time I spend these days between work, school, and this here little project, I’ve been taking tiny breaks and using Pinterest as a palate cleanser. Thanks to a photographer friend of mine, I was a beta tester for the site a million years ago and though I often don’t mess with it for months at a time, I always come back because I’m invested, ha.

Anyway, when I was a house blogger I had to set up different boards to have some semblance of organization, and I’m about to have to do that with my fashion board. Which just brings me to that I’m noticing how these new “influencers” edit their fashion photos while simultaneously being frustrated with how I’ve been editing mine (light weirdness, mostly) and now I’m feeling like I should be trying harder to promote an *~*aesthetic*~* or something. I don’t know. Sorry in advance if I cave to the impulse — I’ve been trying to edit for realism/clarity, but maybe I need to add some filters or something. Who knows.

Anyway, today was another Casual Hipster Monday where it was literal freezing in the morning but sunny and 60s by the afternoon. AND due to the keen eagle eyes of my shopping partner over the weekend, I scored a bunch of my favorite make-up brands at TJ Maxx on deeeeeeep discount while there to return some stuff that didn’t work out, so I got to play with my face a little more than I have been lately … even though it looks practically the same as it always does. As I was discussing my jackpot with a coworker friend of mine who also loves the magic of makeup — it’s fun to play, but you also need your standby full face in 10 minutes routine, too.

Of course, what the Universe gives it taketh away because I literally watched my mailman not deliver my monthly makeup box that is my tiny single mom splurge each month while it was marked as delivered in the tracking and I was so mad checking my neighbor’s mailboxes that I tripped over my own feet and scuffed these shoes pretty badly and tore a hole in the knee of these jeans (which, if you will notice, are longs, not talls, and that’s why they’re three inches above my ankle — they were on clearance at the Gap outlet over the summer and were my “summer” black work jeans because they were lightweight and solid, but now I guess they’re … just jeans I’ll have to tear up some more to make look intentional?) so you know, the day did not end on a high note.

At least I got these selfies before I busted myself. Silver linings.

Smocked floral print top: Express
Black high waisted skinny jeans: Gap Outlet
Suede and chain lariat necklace: Old Navy
Octagonal hoop earrings: Target
Leather ankle booties: Frye
Sunglasses: Kate Spade
Lipstick: Too Faced Melted Liquid Latex in Strange Love