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And in doing the thing, in the span of the whole hot seven minutes I spent outside I ran into no less than two people I know (one of which is an old friend I barely get to see anymore; the other a coworker in a building I don’t visit often) … and both of them were all “Oh, you’re taking your selfies! You look great!” And I was both mortified and also grateful for the support in my very strange hobby.

I was also approached by a couple of strangers, one of whom tried to take my phone from it’s perch to “help me out” and I have never been so ready to go full beast mode in my life save for in the name and protection of my children and another one was a poor soul who was completely lost looking for a division of my company in a completely different building and then I forgot that I had no clear insignia on me denotating my belonging to said employer so this poor dude looked at me like I was crazy when I, out of apparently nowhere, started giving him directions to the appropriate location. He had totally caught me taking selfies, too.

Anyway, I only really went outside as a coworker encouraged me to get some fresh air as there was a heavy chemical smell in our historic property due to some ongoing maintenance work and we were taking turns giving our lungs and brains a break from the oppressive odor.

So I used the opportunity to do some actual street-style-esque selfies and continually felt wildly awkward about the whole thing.

Especially when I discovered my dress is mostly see-through when it’s back lit. Which being corduroy, feels somehow desperately wrong.

I doubt I’ll be able to do this often, but I suppose a goal of this is for me to be braver about taking these selfies in public. I’ve done it before occasionally, but it makes me crawl out of my skin more than I like.

But for today, I can say I did the thing that makes me kind of nauseous and generally anxious as hell. And not just because I was willing to annihilate a grown man for trying to touch my phone.

(And yes, I skipped Tuesday because I honestly forgot until I’d changed into my PJs and was half in bed and it was just another black t-shirt and jeans so no one’s missing anything. At point of writing I’m 13 days ahead of the curve so you know, we’ll all live. I wasn’t infallibly accurate with my #365feministselfie years, either. Perfect is the enemy of finished, so.)

Red corduroy mock neck skater dress: Altar’d State
Black knit lightweight cropped sweater (layered underneath): Express
Black and white bouclé moto jacket: Target
Tights: Spanx
White booties: Nine West
Double layered necklace: Old Navy
Silver faceted spike stud earrings: Nordstrom Rack