Tabatha Wharton



I 100% coordinate my travel beverage containers with my outfits.

I go through cycles, though, where I’m aware my coffee consumption isn’t ideal for me being actually functional, so I’ve been working on taking tea with me to class and work instead. I’m super in to this Bengal Spice blend I discovered in my own cabinet — a little honey (I have been using a Vanilla Nutmeg honey but it’s almost gone and I can’t find it in store anymore) and a splash of cream and it’s heavenly for these colder days.

Fluids are the bane of my existence, in that I have enough medical stuff that requires me to drink A LOT of fluids and I’m not excellent about it, so I nearly always have at least one beverage with me at all times, often two. My ex-husband used to call me a feral child for hoarding fluids for this fact. But I’ve been hospitalized too many times for my body fighting with fluid retention and organ damage and what have you to let a little teasing keep me from being as healthy as this broken body can be for every day I get to wake up within it.

This is also why whenever literally anyone tells me they feel ill my first response is to tell them to drink more water. Because that’s my reality.

And it means I have a sweet collection of travel cups that I’m constantly adding to because I break them at truly an impressive rate

Mermaid life on land, I guess — my Pisces ass needs all the water and then some in order to live on two legs, because gravity is a goddamn drag.

Black cable knit chunky turtleneck sweater & knit mini skirt: H&M
Black cotton layering tank & faux leather moto jacket: Old Navy
Tights: Spanx
Octagonal hoop earrings & silver bar necklace: Target
Leather heeled booties: Frye
Sunglasses: Kate Spade
Ampersand ceramic travel mug: Starbucks