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So if you follow me on any other social media platform, you will have figured out by now my Halloween costume for this year.


This is Princess Leia from The Empire Strikes Back of the Star Wars franchise (Episode IV, on the planet Hoth, if we’re going to get technical). I will fully admit I did not wholly choose this costume on my own, but it was decided upon by a democratized process and popular vote within my household. And you know, at least this Leia gets to wear pants and it’s a warm outfit so really I wasn’t mad about it at all. It could have been Bikini Leia which would have been a hard pass for Trick or Treat thank you very much.

Last year I was literally Jessica Jones because that took me purchasing fingerless gloves and some aviators and the rest … is just literally my aesthetic. But last year was also the first time I went to the local ComiCon thanks to a coworker who does semi-professional cosplay and made that leap into playing dress up on purpose in public without the express intent being for photographs to be taken of me.

And it was fun to have people recognize my character and just enjoy a friendly, imaginative environment. And now, I have two characters I can facilitate for the next one.

All of that is to say, I’m down with these more easily constructed, COMFORTABLE, grown-up, family-friendly costumes of my mid-30s (though clearly I still dabble in the ahem more mature costumes as well) that are more imaginative and storytelling based than just how little fabric I can put on my body and call it anything other than that. Even if it did take me over an hour and three attempts to do this damn halo braid.

I just hope I did Space Mom proud.

White thermal athletic base layer turtleneck: TJ Maxx
White skinny jeans: Old Navy
Princess Leia puffer vest: Her Universe
Nude bodysuit: Spanx
Sherpa boots: Shoe Dept.
Leia prop blaster: Zulily